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As Polyester

Our company, which has carried its structuring and formation on compliance with quality standards and steady growth norms for more than a quarter of a century since 1975, based its coming to these days on its 45 years of experience and determination.

Being a deep-rooted and solid company that has passed over a quarter century have assigned us important missions from the managers to the employees. If it is needed to offer products to the domestic and international markets together, we need to achieve an appropriate infrastructure and production quality in accordance with our country and international norms. This is what AS POLYESTER family achieved. Knocker types used in wooden doors and steel doors: patterned mushroom buttons used in cabinets and drawers, flons and under-shelf products are the concept of advanced technology and modern design. Line is a complementary element which puts material and color in harmony in products. Our product range, which coincides with modern and strong lines, is one of the rare products that will inspire even designers and architects to create modern - dynamic - post modern and innovative lines. With this feature, it adds value to the product. In addition to this, our company has an infrastructure for special designs.

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